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How to choose the right mechanical keyboard switches

How to choose the right mechanical keyboard switches

When we buy a new laptop, we usually focus on its CPU, memory, screen and other specifications as these aspects directly affect our usage experience. Most of the time, we overlook the keyboard, an area that accounts for about 70% of the interaction between us and the laptop. As laptops get slimmer and smaller, space for a great keyboard is getting tight, narrow keyboards, super-compact layout with short-travel keys; not to mention you need to confirm every input through the screen rather than your fingertips. The good news is, switching to a mechanical keyboard, you can instantly solve these issues.

To understand the mechanical keyboard, we need to understand the various mechanical switches. This blog is about the difference between Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Red Switch and Black Switch. And how to choose the right mechanical keyboard switches to improve your typing experience.

Blue Switch



For many newcomers who have never played with a mechanical keyboard, they will probably be impressed with the distinct “click” sound offered by Blue Switches. The Blue Switch is the most common clicky switch, and they are favored by typists due to their tactile bump and audible click. In the meantime, the highest tactile feedback could also be its shortcoming as they are noticeable loud, the sound may annoy others in an office environment. Another thing is Blue switch has pre-travel and full travel, it may cause fatigue if using them for long hours.

Target users: Those who are new to the mechanical keyboard and want to experience the difference between it and the membrane keyboard. Those who enjoy grabbing the spotlight in the office.


Brown Switch


Known as the ‘middle-ground’ switch, the Brown Switch also has a tactile bump, and it is ideal for long hours typing. Brown switch also has the clicky sound but not as loud as the Blue Switch; it has become the most popular switch for writers. Although keyboard with Brown Switches is often more expensive than those feature Blue Switches, it doesn’t affect the popularity of the Brown Switch. Among KnewKey users, Brown Switch fans account for a very high percentage.

Target users: Almost everyone and suitable for all kinds of settings. Those who type for long hours.


Red Switch


Red Switch comes with light weighting allowing for more rapid actuation, linear behavior, and minimal resistance. Although there is no tactile bump in the middle to overcome, the Red Switch is known as the ‘ultimate choice for mechanical keyboard users’. Many programmers prefer Red Switches as they are quiet and offer easy and satisfying typing experience

Target users: Those prefer quiet typing, gamers, or those who type for long hours.

Black Switch



The Black Switch offers linear feel, combined with a slightly higher spring force; the resistance ensures an accurate key press ideal for some gamers. Since Black switches are used in point-of-sale stations, they may not be ideal for programmers or writers due to their high weighting; it may cause fatigue.

Target users: gamers, piano players (with stronger finger-key force)


KnewKey has always attached great importance to user opinions. We've decided to use Blue Switch and Red Switch in Rocksete to meet the needs of the majority. These options can guarantee the best typing experience without intervening in the audio performance of JBL. We really hope that Rocksete will bring you an unprecedented typing experience.