-UPDATE ON Sep 3 , 2019

Designer Biography

The Soul of a product lies on the Designers’ Philosophy

Fernando Hao, an outstanding designer with a distinctive sense of product design. In the pursuit of uniqueness, Fernando believes that regardless of the product category, whether it is traditional or innovative, there’s always a forward-looking approach for the product design to stand out from the crowd.

Industrial design covers an array of products, from vehicles to electronic devices, visually appealing is the key factor for success, and this is particularly true for online marketing and e-commerce. The appearance and the sensory experience mean so much to product success.

Market Segmentation with Customer-Oriented Approach Mechanical keyboards have long become a must-buy item for E-sports players, most of the mechanical keyboards on the market are designed for gaming and somewhat oversee the mass market demand.

Knewkey mechanical keyboard places it focuses on middle-class and those with a taste in living, it is created to meet the needs of a bigger group of customers. Knewkey’s irresistible appearance makes its pictures become the ‘most frequently shared’ pictures on social media, and it has drawn a large group of fans.

Design Without Boundary

Product design is a form of art without the boundary, and an acclaimed product is the result of sophisticated craftsmanship and premium materials. The more complex the product is, the more difficult it is to manufacture. This is an important feature of high-end brands. Traditional industries need to segment the market, study the actual needs of customers, and develop products suitable for different consumer groups based on local conditions.

Excellent products can help you build trust with customers and draw more supporters, with the power of internet marketing, impressive results can be yield. Knewkey will team up with other brands to find success with crossover products, for instance, the ROCKSETE, a mechanical keyboard with audio features is our latest crossover attempt with JBL. Such collaboration allows Knewkey in sync with the designer's philosophy while having a new set of sensory experience and product interactions.


The designer's philosophy is the soul of the product, and only a product with the soul is an authentic design. - Fernando Hao