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What is mechanical keyboard and why people like it?

What is mechanical keyboard and why people like it?

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Have you noticed that more and more people start to use a mechanical keyboard?  How much do you know about it?

In general, a mechanical keyboard is built with high quality, typically spring activated key switches.  These key switches vary based on the keyboard's application or users' preference, providing a satisfying tactile feel and excellent typing experience.  Some switches, such as the Blues and Greens, recall the clackety typewriters of yore, but others, such as the Reds, are almost silent and require no heavier a touch than the membrane keyboards in your office or school computer lab.  A mechanical keyboard's switches, framing, functionality, type print methods, key construction, PCB board, LED lighting (sharpness, brightness, adjustability), and a slew of other features are far superior compared to traditional rubber dome keyboards.


Why people like mechanical keyboards?  

The answer is all about the switches.  If you have compared the typing experience on a mechanical keyboard with a regular keyboard then you would agree with what I am going to say. 

For people who type a lot and use a keyboard for a long period, a mechanical keyboard is, in fact, a better choice than an ordinary keyboard as it allows you to type faster, lighter and more accurate.  When you type on a mechanical keyboard, you press down on a keycap, which activates a spring-loaded switch underneath it.  Depending on the type of switch, this spring can require more or less force and it can either make a pleasurable "clack " sound or remain silent.  On the other hand, the ordinary computer keyboard that builds with a rubber dome and membrane has no way to provide such a solid and audible click.  In every case, mechanical switches provide tactile feedback, which helps typists know that they have pressed the key hard enough to register and haven't missed a letter.  This may sound like mechanical keyboards require much more force to actuate than the membrane counterparts, but that's not the case.  Unlike membrane keys, mechanical switches don't have to be pressed down the entire way to actuate so users can avoid the unpleasant feeling of "bottoming out" (pressing against the base) at full force.  In other words, you can type effortless and more comfortable on a mechanical keyboard than on a regular keyboard. 

If you're a touch typist, getting a mechanical keyboard will increase your typing speed and accuracy.  As users type more quickly, the chance of typing on the wrong key increases.  By providing strong physical and, in the case of clicky switches, auditory feedback on every actuation, mechanical keyboards allow you to adjust your strokes and generate the highest possible number of words per minute. You won't get the same experience pushing against two pieces of plastic.


What's the special of the Retro mechanical keyboard? Why people love KnewKey?

There are dozens upon dozens of mechanical keyboards available in the market, however, most of them are made for gamers, and they are bulky and mediocre, compromising beauty in favor of functionality.  Rymek is different.  It is designed for everyone.  Comes with distinguished saddle-shape and round-shape keycaps, the durable blue switches-a modern switch that emulates the typewriter a clicky feel, Rymek is an ideal mechanical keyboard that features both in aesthetics and performance.  Its retro and classic design is just as unique as you.  The typewriter-inspired outside and tactile feedback give you that clicking sensation under your fingers as you type.  It supports the macOS/iOS/Windows/Android system and works flawlessly on most devices.  Using the wireless connection mode, users are able to pair up with 3 devices at the same time and switch between them with several easy shortcuts.    Not to mention its stunning dynamic backlit that can make typing more enjoyable and light up your happiness.

So far, Rymek has won thousands of customers’fondness.  One of our customers wrote a comment a few months ago, he said, “I love my keyboard. I’ve been using it for months, both USB and Bluetooth, on Mac, PC, and tablet. Excellent product.  I’ve had my keyboard for a few months now and am so pleased. I write professionally and I’m also finishing a degree—so I switch between Mac & PC throughout the day without any issues.  I crank between 3-4k words on most weekdays. The lights are soothing and the feel of the keys is so comfortable. It takes a few days to break in, but once I did, I found myself looking forward to using it.  I expected to “like” this keyboard, I just didn’t expect to enjoy it.”

No matter you are a writer or an engineer if you pursuit a pleasurable typing experience and are looking for a stylish mechanical keyboard, Rymek is always worthy for a try.